Point of Sale System Upgrading or Replacing

                                     Gather and document the business requirements, goals and budget information

                                     Perform a replace-versus-upgrade analysis

                                     Research potential system vendors and arrange vendor presentations

                                     Advise and recommend vendor selection and strategy

                                     Negotiate the contracts for implementation and support

                                     Assess the current network infrastructure and recommend appropriate changes

                                     Define how the existing operational systems would integrate with the POS system

                                     Establish credit card payment processing and other payment methods

                                     Manage the entire project and the vendors and apply best practices in system usage

                                     Coordinate all data entry and training sessions with the staff

                                     Provide on-site support during system changeover and post-implementation followup

                                     Ensure that all vendor deliverables are complete and satisfactory to achieve the desired results 


                             FOR THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AND BEYOND


why use rfm4 it consulting services instead of doing it yourself?

Dealing with computer systems and networks is probably not your favorite duty in running your business, especially when you are tackling the challenges of planning and executing the opening of a new location. IT takes you out of your comfort zone. IT chews up valuable time that you would rather spend on developing menus, outfitting your kitchen and storage areas, designing and furnishing the dining and bar areas, hiring the right people, training your staff, reviewing your daily and monthly numbers, dealing with general construction contractors, and dealing with your investors.

Using our experience and vendor alliances on new openings and related projects, we can take you out of that IT vortex by handling all the IT issues for you. We will help you create a realistic IT budget and ensure that you do not spend that budget on hardware, software and services that you do not need or understand. Because we can focus on IT, your systems will be smoothly installed within budget and on time. You will end up with a reliable and secure network that will support your investment in application systems, helping you achieve the results and benefits you expected without adding "IT Director" to YOUR job title.

As you begin your planning, we will come to your operation to discuss and assess your needs at no charge. We can also tailor a fee structure that fits your scope and budget: fixed package fee, hourly rates, or a combination of the two. While we prefer to manage the entire project and handle all the tasks for you, we can portion off the tasks that you would rather handle yourself for whatever your reasons are.

Opening a New Location With New Systems

                                       Collect and document all business requirements for each system

                                       Complete guidance throughout the system selection process - from vendor research through contract negotiation

                                       Create an ROI analysis

                                       Determine the network design, hardware, and communication requirements to support all the systems

                                       Create and maintain the IT budget

                                       Recruit and manage outside IT service providers, such as network cabling contractors

                                       Research, implement and test all inter-system integration opportunities

                                       Be your on-site project manager, advocate, and liaison to all system and service providers                                                    

                                       Stay on the job after opening to ensure that all system deliverables and expectations have been met

                                       Ensure new systems and data become part of enterprise reporting structure

Strategic Systems Assessment and Planning

                                       Perform an enterprise application system analysis in order to streamline and simplify operations reporting and processes

                                       Project manage recommended system upgrades and obsolete hardware/software replacement

                                       PCI-DSS compliancy and audit

                                       Recommend critical data backup schemes 

                                       Create a disaster recovery plan

                                       Review and test network security and password maintenance policies

Researching Newer Technology

                                       Advise and consult on emerging technology trends 

                                       Assess new technology and determine vendor viability in the marketplace

                                       Apply technology where appropriate to create business differentiation, increase customer satisfaction,

                                              and realize operational efficiencies

                                       Achieve desired results by creating an ROI analysis with operational metrics to monitor,

                                              and establishing best practices in the operation