Highly experienced IT professional and director.

27 years of implementing food service systems for ARAMARK in restaurants, bars, lounges, and concession stands inside stadiums, arenas, convention centers, amphitheatres, cultural attractions, lodging facilities, and state and national parks.

Advised executive management on setting enterprise system strategy for 5-year business plans.  Also advised stadium and arena clients on selection of point-of-sale systems and network infrastructure capacity and security requirements to support them.

Managed a nationwide staff of technical support staff and business systems analysts, and $2M in overhead profit center budgets.  Created business processes to handle IT project management documents for client and upper management reporting, field site IT capital purchase requests, and field site IT support incident reporting,

Project manager for implementation of large (600 points of sale) and small POS systems and networks, utilizing stationary and mobile devices.

Performed vendor evaluation and selection for services and software applications such as point-of-sale, inventory control, labor management, enterprise reporting, payment processing,  and network design and security.  Created RFP's for selection of several $1m POS system installations.

Co-chaired the customer steering committee for a major food service POS vendor ($1B sales) for several years.

About Ron Mandel, Principal

RFM4 IT Consulting Services LLC monitors Key Performance Indicators and vendor contract fulfillment to ensure that you achieve the desired results.

RFM4 IT Consulting Services LLC uses periodicals, white papers, and vendor alliances to advise you about using emerging and current technology.



Jon Myerow, owner

Tria Taproom

"Ron delivered everything he promised. His solid work with the software and network vendors resulted in a smooth installation, allowing me time to focus on delivering the right products and best service to my customers."


  • System evaluation/planning
  • Vendor evaluation/selection
  • Software/Hardware installs
  • IT project management
  • PCI compliance/audit
  • Contract review/negotiation
  • Your liaison and advocate
  • Upserve and Breadcrumb POS - Channel Partner

Identifying relevant technology and spending time with you and your staff to assess your system requirements and match them with the right vendor solutions. 

Collaborating with management on the right solution, overseeing the implementation process from start to finish, and then apply best practices in using the software in your operation.